KRATHING–CAP GOLD (Selecting the best ingredients)


Cordyceps is a type of mushroom. is the best of herbs

Cordyceps have many health benefits as well as medicinal properties. Found in high-altitude mountain meadows. 10,000-12,000 feet above sea level. In (Tibet), Nepal and Bhutan, China has been using cordyceps as a medicinal herb for centuries. Stimulate sexual performance, nourish the body


Ginseng or Ginseng, the miracle herb

Ginseng is a medicinal herb that has been used in western medicine for over 1,000 years for healing and nourishment, and today people around the world use ginseng to strengthen and balance the body. For the best ginseng species and is recognized internationally The most well-studied one is Korean Ginseng, scientifically known as Panax ginseng C.A. Mayer, which belongs to the family Araliaceae.

How important is vitamin E?

Vitamin E or Tocopherol is a fat-soluble vitamin. It is one of the important vitamins that the body needs to receive. The vitamin E will help prevent red blood cell hemolysis. Prevents thrombosis and thrombosis Reduce the incidence of inflammatory processes in the body that can lead to the development of various diseases. It also has many other effects. Its primary function is like a sponge that absorbs free radicals, which is the key to cell or tissue damage. or known as “Antioxidant”



Ginseng Extract, Cordyceps and Vitamin E

Add energy to the body with ginseng extract mixed with cordyceps extract and vitamin E, which has properties to nourish the body. Relieve fatigue after heavy activities all day. It also helps to balance the circulatory system better. help clear the brain Ready to start a new day with energy

Ginseng extract Cordyceps Extract Vitamin E
– Nourish the blood to circulate well. – Increase the performance of the body – Anti oxidant
– Balance in the body – Nourish blood vessels – Prevents rupture of blood cells
– Reduce stress – Hormone maintenance – Anti-inflammatory
– Solve the problem of insomnia – Lower blood sugar levels – Prevent blood clots

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