Yod Racha Herbs restore performance and increase physical strength

Current health problems that are causing concern reduce the confidence of both men and lady is a condition in which the body is weak and sexually active Or if it happens to men, it’s called erectile dysfunction (Erectile dysfunction: a state of insufficient erection of the penis), and if it happens to women, it will result in various disturbing symptoms such as pain while having fuck (Dyspareunia) can be considered a condition in which the body is erectile dysfunction. It is like a warning sign of an abnormality that may begin in the cardiovascular system. because during the sexual mood The body relies on good blood flow to pump blood to the penis for it to be ready for use. Therefore, erectile dysfunction that has decreased, so it doesn’t tell the problem just at a specific point But it expresses the imbalance in our body as well.

And when it comes to regaining performance Boost your energy in a natural way It would be inevitable that the king of herbs such as “Ginseng” and “Cymphony”. Both of these herbs are known for balancing within the body. and increase sexual performance with research studies on biological effects and pharmacological activity confirmed

“Ginseng” helps restore the image. And can enhance sexual performance In a study of 45 patients with erectile dysfunction who took 900 mg of ginseng three times a day for two months, it was found to significantly increase sexual performance. and

Cordyceps can help increase sexual performance. A study in 22 men with a history of using cordyceps as a dietary supplement found that it could increase the number of spermatozoa in semen by 33% and have the effect of reducing abnormal sperm. up to 29%, and also significantly increased symptoms and sexual desire by 66%.

Therefore, natural products that contain a mixture of “ginseng” and “containing cordyceps” when eaten into the body, the drugs contained in ginseng will help stimulate the body to produce red blood cells. Adjust your heart rate back to normal. Makes the blood pumping in the body more stable, important substances that go to restore sexual performance in both ginseng and cordyceps will have a boosting effect. therefore increasing the efficiency of rehabilitation and increasing the capacity to be doubled This is to allow the body to absorb the most important substances from ginseng and cordyceps. It is recommended to try products with vitamin E as one of the ingredients. Because vitamin E is an important vitamin that helps prevent hemolysis of red blood cells. Helps absorb free radicals that are the main cause of cell or tissue damage. In addition, vitamin E also helps prevent important substances from ginseng and cordyceps. Not to be destroyed by acids or chemicals in the stomach. Makes eating these two herbs have the most beneficial effect on the body.

However, erectile dysfunction is not a condition that only affects the elderly. We currently find male patients aged 20-30 years having an 8% chance of experiencing erectile dysfunction, and it is estimated by the US Department of Health that erectile dysfunction patients will increase. This will increase to 170 million by 2025, and although dysfunction is an open topic to everyone these days, it’s actually normal to look at it. or looking for help in the wrong way It is health care that is lost and worrisome. Because leaving it chronic, it may “causing another disease”

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